Should You Move Exchange to Microsoft 365 or Azure?


Azure vs Microsoft 365

Data Ownership: Private vs Public

Azure is a Private Cloud

Microsoft (Office) 365 is a Public Cloud

Costing: Server-based License vs User-based Subscriptions

Costing in Azure

Costing in Microsoft 365

Identity Data: Active Directory vs Azure AD

Deployment Configurations: Self vs Microsoft Chosen

Security and Encryptions Setting: Full vs Limited Control

Regulatory Compliance: Organization Offered vs Microsoft Offered

Backup and Restore Options: Existing Tools vs Microsoft Tools

Disaster Recovery Options: Full Choice vs Microsoft Choices

Integrations: Re-Configure vs Redo

Azure With a Third Party Control Panel

  • An excellent GUI with self-serve security
  • A comprehensive REST-based API
  • Private-Cloud Cost Control Measures
  • Audit-Trails of all changes
  • Many more features

Cloud Deployment Configurations

Hybrid-Cloud Configuration

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Configurations

Hosted Multi-Cloud Configurations

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