Migrate your Exchange Mailboxes Easily Cross Forest.


We all know that mailbox migration is always a critical process because it contains a lot of confidential data which has to be considered during migration. We also know that Microsoft provides ways to migrate Exchange mailboxes across forests but that’s too much time consuming and requires expertise.

Are you looking for an expert to migrate your old Exchange infrastructure to the latest Exchange versions?

Several tools are available in the market which provide Exchange mailbox migration but most of them are not compliant and do not migrate each and everything (i.e. sIDHistory, mailbox delegations and other mailbox permissions) and obviously no one can even think of placing their running business at risk. However, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. There is a tool which is fully compliant and will fulfill your requirements for migration, the way user wants it. This tool is designed in accordance with the Microsoft standards and allows migration across forests from on-premises to on-premises and from on-premises to Exchange Online. 

Relax, Efflux Migrator has got you covered.

Yes I am talking about the one and only “Efflux Migrator”. It has the ability to schedule batches and not only migrate email data but also migrate their permissions. The end user will have seamless experience with zero downtime and you will have full control over batches. The email data will remain synced between Source and Target Exchange servers until you decide to complete the batch.

If I talk about GUI, it’s a light weight desktop utility which is quite impressive and user friendly. Please see the following links to check out the prerequisites and step by step installation/migration:

If you guys have any query then feel free to contact at support@hostingcontroller.com

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