Microsoft Exchange Multi tenancy within same Organization


For IT industries and specially Enterprises Microsoft Exchange Services is an essentials component to use for collaborative communications. Mailbox Segregation and multi tenancy at Organizational level was introduced since Exchange version 2010. However there are still ongoing challenges for enterprises which have offices in different geographical locations but use same SMTP address. For such multinational companies to use centralized Exchange setup and segregate country employees from one another is certainly a challenge.


To address such business use case Hosting Controller Control Panel follows the approach to apply multi tenancy and mailbox segregation at Organizational Unit level.

Let’s illustrate this business case: 

  • Company Name: Contoso
  • SMTP Address:
  • Organizational Unit: Contoso
  • USA Region Employees OU: Contoso > USA Team
  • EU Region Employees OU: Contoso > EU Team



Hosting Controller Control Panel offers system admin the ability to add/provision tenants for USA Team independent of  EU Team. HC control panel applies segregation at address list level in a way that these two regions tenants’ employees are not be able to view other region contact & account information. Though both use same smtp address/Accepted domain name “”.

 This process is automatic without requiring any manual intervention.

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